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Ceramic Coating


When it comes to the best ceramic car coating Perth, Car Vault X is the premier choice for protecting your vehicle’s paint. 


Our team of trained professionals utilizes a  multi-layer ceramic paint coating process that comes with a warranty. 


Decontaminants are removed from the paint prior to application and paint correction when necessary. 


The Ultimate Premium Package is a five-star solution for enthusiasts who are passionate about preserving their vehicle’s appearance, while also maintaining its value. 


With the Premium Package, you can expect a stunning glossy finish that that is both visually appealing and water repelling. This advanced coating will shield your vehicle from external elements such as insects, dirt, debris, and even the damaging effects of UV rays that can lead to paint fading. 


Your vehicle will maintain its pristine appearance and ensure that it stands out on the road.

The Premium Package includes the application of two layers of Brila Ceramic, which is our highest quality and most durable ceramic coating. This coat forms a solid foundation for long-lasting protection and provides a reduction against scratches, a shield against chemical contaminants and environmental factors. 


The second layer adds an extra layer of gloss and water repellant, to enhancing the overall finish and making maintenance a breeze. No need to wax or polish ever again!


At Car Vault X, we understand that your alloys are just as important as your vehicle’s paint. This is why we include the application of Brila Alloy Coating. This specialized coating ensures that your wheels remain protected from brake dust, dirt, and road grime, while also adding a sleek and polished look. 


To complete our premium package, we apply two layers of Brila to the windshield. This provides exceptional water repellency, which improves visibility during rainy conditions and reduces the need for constant windshield wiper usage. This feature enhances safety and ensures you have a clear view of the road ahead.





Car Vault X offers professional paint protection film services providing a superior solution to safeguard your vehicle's paintwork from daily wear and tear, road debris, and other potential damage. Our premium paint protection film is designed to provide an invisible shield that keeps your car looking pristine while preserving its resale value.

We start by preparing the vehicle properly by washing it thoroughly and using a clay bar to rid the surface of any contaminants prior to install. All dirt and debris are removed from the cracks and crevasses. All edges are wrapped wherever possible to make the installation as seamless as possible. This will also cover the most surface area to prevent any stone chips. 

The entire vehicle can be wrapped or with our expert installation techniques, the paint protection film is seamlessly applied to the vulnerable areas of your vehicle, such as the front bumper, hood, fenders, and side mirrors, providing a durable barrier against scratches, chips, and other types of damage caused by road hazards.


Car Vault X offers expert car wrap services. Vinyl car wraps are great because they allow you to customize the look of your vehicle without making any permanent changes. If you want to change the design, you must peel off the old one and apply a new one.
You can get several finishes, including matte, metallic, and gloss. But you get more than a new look for your car. They're easy to install, too. They also protect your paint from scratches and other damage caused by debris on the road.

With our skilled team of technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure precise installation and a seamless, flawless finish. Choose your color and finish and set your vehicle apart from the crowd.



Why BRILA is considered to be one of the best coatings today…

BRILA has tested our products thoroughly and have found the best method of practice for the application. Starting from our first generation we have continually researched and developed the best paint protection system, which has lead us to a 4th and 5th Generation Inorganic glass coating.


The stage in which BRILA has evolved:
1st Generation; Wax and Grooming
2nd Generation; Organic Coating
3rd Generation; Organic Glass Coating
4th Generation; Inorganic Silica Glass Coating

5th Generation; Spray on Inorganic Silica Glass Coating


Japanese Industrial Standard

BRILA Premium Coating systems uses 100% inorganic matter and passed JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) -D0205-1987, unlike any other company on the market - a standard in which BRILA paint protection has been tried and tested.

What is inorganic glass in our premium body coating?

Inorganic glass is a liquid that is hard, transparent, amorphous and of infinite viscosity. The inorganic compound takes on high polish, transmits and reflects light. This material is the formation of silica glass which is in its purest form and does not contain such chemicals as carbon or methyl. Our coating protects your car paint from harmful UV rays, acid rain, harmful road debris and so much more. Unlike other paint protection on the market, BRILA Premium Body Coating does not contain any organic materials which degrade over time from exposure to the above elements. The coating has a double layer hybrid structure comprising of a water-repellent coat and a silica glass coat.

Extreme durability – A signature solution of BRILA

BRILA’s double layer structure offers full protection that promotes rapid hardening of the coat – 10 times faster than that of existing products, in comparison to 30 days for existing products on the market. The entire BRILA Body Coating chemical composition is made up of a two-layer – (hybrid) water repellent coating structure and our signature silica glass coating. The new coating system will promote a scratch-resistant surface and a “self-cleaning effect” of sorts. BRILA Premium Body Glass Coating avowals uniquely formulated and pure inorganic silica paint protection that boasts an extremely high affinity to the body surface.

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